Visionly – Vision Board

A passion project that harnesses the power of positive thinking.


Having been a fan of the popular Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Secret from an early age, I’ve always been looking for a beautiful digital vision board to pin my goals and dreams onto, that was not only easy to use but provided inspiration on a daily basis.

We wanted to build a subscription-based service that allowed people to have their own Vision Boards in their pockets. Always accessible and ready to give you a boost of inspiration whenever the day isn’t going your way.

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Role & Duration

Ideation and Product Design


The Problem

Looking at what was available on the app store we identified some issues:

  • There was no order to how people were viewing their visions;
  • The UI was messy and cluttered the overall experience;
  • None were beautiful. Some seemed relatively functional yet they didn’t make you want to open up the app every day; and
  • The goal was there, but there were no actionable ways to achieve it.


We looked at the competition and other inspiration apps such as Pintrest. Some apps were designed to resemble a physical corkboard, with messily assembled “visions” making the app incredibly hard to navigate. The visual component was so important to us. We really needed to inspire the person every time they opened up the app, to continue to chase their dreams.

Looking at Google Trends, it seemed as though this was a growing trend and made it obvious as to when we needed to be ready by! And to no surprise, there’s a recurring spike every January.

The Solution

To build a subscription-based service that would inspire people to come back every day and remember what they’re going after in life. With actionable goals and tasks to get there, we are helping people break down each goal into digestible, achievable pieces.

Orderly, seamless navigation.

Beautiful transitions.

Expanded metadata.

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