Binky's MamaBeing App is an interactive workout and nutrition app built by Kaizen.


Binky Felstead is a reality TV Star and a household name in the UK. With an audience of over 1.5m across all social media platforms, Binky has used these platforms to inspire and empower other women and Mama’s to feel confident in their own skin.

We worked with Binky to build out her mobile experience using the Kaizen platform.

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Role & Duration

Design & Business Development

User Research, Interaction, Visual Design, Prototyping & testing

Dec 20 - Present

The Problem

Binky had been running in-person retreats for Mums for quite a number of years. The problem was that these where largely inaccessible, limited, infrequent and expensive. As

Binky’s audience is so important to her, and so it was equally important that we built a product that created value for her users. SO many influencers have built their own apps that haven’t done well because they failed to do the number 1 thing, create value for the users. As most people in the team are parents, we understood the pain points of being an expectant, or new Mum. We decided that the notion of Time for yourself was something which was SO important but every often ignored by Mums.

The problems we needed to tackle were:

  • To build a unique app that represented Binky and would speak to her Mum audience. As Kaizen is a white-label platform it was important that it felt unique to the others we had on our platform;
  • Create true value for the user;
  • Retention: As it’s a subscription business we needed to keep them retained; and
  • Content: Realistically how long do busy Mums have to workout?


Using Instagram Insights allowed us to have a basic understanding of who we were building for. The biggest demographic was were Females, 18-40 in the UK. 

From looking at engagement metrics and with Binky as a Mum of 1 (and another on the way), she wanted to give back her Mum community she had built up over the years.  This gave us a seed of where to start.

We knew that in order for any subscription-based business to be successful we needed to keep users retained (i.e. not have a leaky bucket). Therefore we needed to put analytics in place to closely track this and to better understand where we were creating value for our customers. If we can get our users to love our product, we can get them to share it too which would help keep our cost of acquisition very low. As Alex Schultz, the VP on growth at Facebook says “The best way to increase virality is to not focus on virality at all, but to focus on retention instead.”


The Solution

The MamaBeing app launched in Dec 2020 and has been a powerful workout companion for many Mums ever since. We’ve been able to achieve an overall 4.7/5 star rating and continue to show strong retention metrics.

As this has been a side project with limited resources, we haven’t been able to do everything on our wish list (especially from a UI perspective), we’ve had to prioritize other parts of the project to ensure it continues to move in the right direction.

We continue to listen/build for our customers and is a critical strategy that dictates our roadmap today.

Clear workflow with categorization.

We made finding what people were looking for and where to start their fitness journey really simple. Knowing our target audience were females 18-40 we kept this in mind when thinking about our colour pallet choice and UI design.

Simple, yet familiar.

We wanted our workout experience to be simple and for the focus to be on working out, not on navigating a complicated app. We knew one tap and swipeable gestures would be something our target audience would be familiar with and understand.

Nutrition Plans

We listened to our audience. This was a reoccurring feature request that we knew if we executed correctly would create a lot of value for our users, and in return keep our users retained for longer.

Celebrate the small wins

Fitness can often be a long journey, keeping people engaged and motivated for a long period of time can be super hard. We noticed adding these small achievable goals, really motivated and kept people on track (and increased subscription retention). Here we used Lottie for the badge animation.