The app that allows you to order your food in the restaurant and leave whenever you’re ready.


Eatjoy is an app that allows you to order and pay for your food in a restaurant from your phone.

We currently have an iOS, Android and web app. The user scans a QR code on the table and the menu pops up on their device. The user orders their meal and the app communicates directly with the POS system, removing the need for a waiter. As a card is connected to the user’s account, they can leave whenever they want without having to wait or physically settle the bill.

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Role & Duration

Business Development, UI/UX, Brand, Interaction & Visual Design

March 2018 - Present

The Problem

The idea came about when a friend and I were at a pizza place in London. We’d already eaten and were desperate to leave but getting the waiters attention and then trying to get the card machine was a really painful experience. After some initial research, we found out that on average people waited 10-12 mins to pay the bill (yes, wait to give the restaurant money!?!). The reoccurring problems we faced at restaurants were:

  • Having no control over your experience;
  • Waiting to order and waiting to pay; and
  • Splitting the bill with friends.


We conducted some initial research by engaging with restaurants to see what their pain points were from an operational standpoint.

We learnt that:

  • 95% of restauranteurs would prefer staff to focus on delivering a better service, rather than spending time taking payments;
  • On average people spent 10 – 12 mins waiting for the bill; and
  • By 2030, 30% of jobs will be replaced by technology.

We set about building an app that allows you scan a QR code, get the menu, place your order (Deliveroo style), eat your meal and, as your card is saved to your account, you can just leave without having to get the cheque. With Reid Hoffman’s words in the back of our heads, “If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” We set out to build an MVP, with a real focus on the user experience.

We were lucky to test the product in the popular restaurant, Burger + Lobster in London.

The Solution

Eatjoy has been a passion project for me and my friend, a scratch to our own itch. I’m incredibly proud of the product we’ve been able to create considering the antiquated systems we’ve had to integrate with, the limited time we’ve both had and having only been a team of 2. We ran a successful pilot in B+L and processed thousands of pounds worth of orders with no hiccups.

Getting the menu should be quick & effortless.

Each table has a unique QR code. That links that user to the venue id and table idZERO input required from the user. QR Code is scannable 360 deg.

People should be able to continue to order right up until they want to leave.

Continue to add to your order. No new transaction required. Mimics a real dining experience, that we’re familiar with.

Order in your own language.

Simply scan the QR code on your table, and get the menu in your language.